Osiris Montenegro Biography

I was born in Costa Rica in 1963. I had the fortune of being raised with an appreciation for nature, natural medicine, and spirituality. I traveled to other countries early on and ended up living in Ecuador and Mexico where I learned at a young age how different other cultures are. My personal adventure began when I left my family to study and moved to USA in 1980 where I finished high school, and completed all of my higher education by 1993. I have been working as a self-employed holistic practitioner since 1988.

I`m passionate about people, nature, Holistic (mind/body/Soul) medicine, and Spiritual growth. My approach to healing and well being includes understanding the importance of good nutrition, healthy life style choices, and personal development that includes establishing a firm connection our Higher Self. In my work I focus on assisting the healing of mental/emotional trauma and recognizing the presence of our Soul. I love teaching and lecturing on the topic of personal development. I enjoy educating people how to integrate their mind/body and Soul into an undivided presence thus functioning as a whole person.

My vision is to contribute to a new health paradigm that unifies Mental Health and Holistic medicine to maintain dynamic Well Being. In my articles, books, lectures and courses I aim to bring this approach to the main stream of our culture.  I enjoy inspiring and assisting the holistic development of individuals and the community at large to embrace our common nature and act in harmony with each other, and the entire ecosystem of our precious planet.


Osiris Montenegro is a passionate, insightful and wise professional. Through private sessions I have learned a lot about my self, how my patterns and beliefs affects and confuses me and how I can stay connected to my Self even when great challenges in life push me in different directions. During the last 4 years I have attended both couple`s sessions and retreats. Osiris’ open mindedness and explorative way of working, has meant a great deal to me and has offered me tools to keep present in my own life and to my core values.


Joachim Levin

Oslo Norway

Osiris Montenegro is an exceptionally «in-tuned» therapist. His deep knowledge and loving support facilitates and holds the space for big shifts in his clients. He works thru the mind - and thereby reaches the body, heart and soul and opens the way back to the whole you. Bless you, Osiris, for the love you bring in this world.

Augustine R


In private sessions I feel safe with Osiris, I trust he speaks from his heart even if I react to what he is saying. His words have over the years proven to be the truth that I find in myself, to me, Osiris is like a guide providing tours within myself. In his sessions he stays open and he is like “a hand to hold” and a heart to share with. My experience is that this work continues even if I do not see him in private sessions for a while. It is all about having the courage to stay with all emotions and getting to know the hidden ones. No challenge is too big, it is about being in the moment and feel that love is the truth. Thank you Osiris!

Couple sessions

 My husband and I love one another, however our love gets blurred by our childhood stories. The parts that we still believe in, unconsciously, make us disagree for no reason! Osiris talks from a neutral loving position and explains what’s really going on between us. This has been a rescue for our marriage and for our two teenage daughters not to have to experience a divorce. We are still caught in this endless arguments, but now we are able to use the same language and sometimes even admit weaknesses!


Osiris is an intelligent knowledgeable spiritual teacher who share with inspiration. He combines being laid back and structured when he lectures. His main strength is that he engages the participants with their hearts and he uses relevant exercises so that when you leave you have your notes, but more importantly you have integrated a new way of living your life starting now.


I appreciate the time that becomes timeless at retreats with Osiris. He has the stamina to be a conscious teacher for days in a row, and his presence keeps the attention strong in the participants. There is an added value in spending timeless time together in this way which is difficult to describe in words. It is simply an experience that has the possibility to be life changing and it has been for me. Osiris sometimes take responsibility for being the Chef and his food is divine, prepared with love! Thank you Osiris!

Cecilie – Dji

Oslo, Norway

Working with Osiris supports me in finding my inner guidance and discovering inner peace, and I`m learning to pay attention and rediscover my true Self

Astrid Oyehaug

Oslo Norway

Osiris teaches me new things about myself in every single session. Over the years, he has helped me increase my self- awareness and knowledge and thus enabled me to feel more grounded and genuinely happy and peaceful.

Anna-Gro Gulla

Stockholm, Sweden

Osiris Montenegro is an amazing therapist for individuals, couples and groups. When you work with Osiris, be prepared to step up and do the work. He’s like a personal trainer in the gym – only for your Self – and he doesn’t compromise your goal by letting you off the hook when you fall for the occasional temptation to dwell in self pity now and then. His approach gives great results, and has changed my life. If you need physical treatment, Osiris is a skilled massage therapist as well as acupuncturist and reflexologist. His spirituality and walk of life also make him an inspiring teacher for those who are looking for the bigger picture in their pursuit of expansion and wellbeing.


Anniken Fjelberg


Osiris gave me a lasting change of perspective that has been life changing in a positive way. His ability to «cut to the chase» is unique and very effective. His loving care for his clients also helps bringing out the love that everyone strives for.

Couple`s sessions:

I can with my hand on my heart say that without Osiris I would have been divorced today. My wife and I had been struggling in the relationship for years but after seeing Osiris together as a couple we learned that it is better to be loving than to be right!


I have been participating in several of Osiris retreats over the last 5 years, these are unique experiences! After the first 4 day retreat my wife told me that I should go to retreats much more often! Osiris creates an atmosphere where you feel safe and eager to explore your inner self.


Tom Rysstad

Oslo Norway

During several years i have attended Osiris lectures, some classes and read many of his articles. He continues to inspire me to become a greater version of myself and discover my true nature.


His work has helped me to clear up confusion and left me with more insight, integrity, increased my ability to discriminate, deepen my soul connection and be more at peace with myself and my surroundings.


As a student of transpersonal and psychosexual therapy, I feel committed to go deep in my personal transformation of childhood wounds, outdated believes and destructive patterns. I have chosen Osiris to guide me in some of these processes as I see him as highly competent and strong in his teaching of excellence and self awareness.


I can highly recommend his guidance for you who are willing to embark on this beautiful and courageous, yet challenging and confronting journey to become more self-aware.

Reclaiming your power and sovereignty, and support a life with greater flow, balance and well being.


Mona Lisa Solheim

Oslo Norway

Work Experience
Osiris Montenegro
  • Private practice Massage therapy and Reflexology: Atlanta GA, USA 1988-1990, Seattle WA, USA 1990-1993.
  • Meditation, Personal development instructor, and Lecturer 2000 to present.
  • Private practice Acupuncture and Psychosyntheis counseling: Seattle WA 1994-1996, Sydney, Australia 1998-2000, Oslo Norway 2002 to 2015.Olympia, WA USA 2015 to present.

Osiris Montenegro
  • Master of Science in Chinese Medicine with specialty in Acupuncture, John Bastyr University, Seattle WA, USA 1993.
  • Medical internship specializing in acupuncture, Long Hua Hospital, Shang Hai China, June- August 1993.
  • Bachelor of Science in Oriental medicine, John Bastyr University, Seattle WA, USA 1992.
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Science, University of South Carolina, Conway SC, USA 1985.
  • Graduate Psycho Synthesis Institute of Puget Sound, Seattle WA, USA 1992.
  • Graduate Atlanta school of Massage with specialty in Deep tissue and Reflexology, Atlanta GA, USA 1988.