Online Counseling Sessions, Therapy and Life Coaching

Counseling sessions: are designed to assist the client to develop awareness skills that lead to interrupting negative patterns and transforming and healing self-destructive behaviors. Counseling sessions address emotional traumas the block inner peace, happiness, harmonious intimacy, challenges with authority, and issues of insecurity, self doubt and worthlessness.


Life coaching: is designed for high functioning individuals who have access to their inner resources but have mental blockages leading to burn out, depression and confusion associated with goals and a clear vision for the future. Coaching focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses that affect productivity at work. A set of core values and principles are constructed to guide the client in making effective intelligent decisions and learning to recognize their consequences. Life coaching helps you access your common sense and intuition to master functioning in present time without the interference of emotional reactivity. No every one is ready for coaching sessions. People with emotional trauma benefit from counseling sessions first.

You can enjoy private sessions by telephone and via Skype.

These methods work well either for coaching or Psychotherapy.

$150.00 for 1 hour

$ 200.00 for 90 minutes

$250.00 for 90 minute couples sessions.

$100.00 for students, unemployed and senior citizens who need a reduced fee.